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A comment about the images in the Portraits 1 page of this site:

The museum and art gallery - seen as a hall of and for portraits - lends itself as a place for creating photo portraits within its walls. The museum/gallery exists as my personal photo studio, my workshop, and my work venue for making art - where I have created iconic images. Subsequently, The museum/gallery as photo studio became as natural as the street is to those photographers who have made that their studio.

Subsequently, these photos in addition to being a documentary of artists whose works have graced the walls of various museums and galleries highlight not only my perspective but exist as a marker for the venue as being a collaborator, a crucible, an incubator in the process of creating original art via the photographic medium.

With a keen eye to composition, light and form these photographs are a cross between a portrait session and the capture of a candid moment. Each photograph is its own unique self, emanating its own personality which exists in the space between classic portraiture and that captured moment of a fleeting expression – a felt moment of character.    ##


A comment about the images in the Portfolio 3 page of this site:     

...Photographing the light, the stillness, the state of being, the detritus of life and light. This photography is about the delicate details of texture, line, plane, light and pale colors of subtle rendering along with the anonymous architecture of shapes and artifacts that are the obvious, the ordinary, the forgotten. And the exploration of color lends itself to the other end of the spectrum of hotter, saturated and brighter colors. 

I am photographing in a space between an anonymous contemporary scene of decay, abandonment and destruction while describing a sense of being, of place, of thingness of objectness, yet of a meditative state. This is the flip side, the other side of subject based photography. From the subjectness of the subject: The portrait, the landscape, the architecture.

I have come full circle in exploring and evolving into an abstractness of photography; yet without denouncing nor rejecting the subject based imagery. In fact at times they run parallel and tangentially to each other.

This suite of images  has evolved in the past several years from a theme of architectural structures and shelters of the 1970’s and 1980’s; to now, a photography of a non-perspective, non-event, shallow and flat depth of field based on pure textures, shadows, colors and forms. Seemingly empty these images capture a moment  of time that is elongated into a span of deep breath expanding into a vision of depth.                                         This work is about the objectness of photography as a musical fugue.   ##

(From personal notes and journals of Walter Weissman.)


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